Starting your art therapy private practice can feel overwhelming. Not only are you creating a fresh start to your business, but you are also exploring an unbeaten path leaving your 9 to 5 job that leads to challenges of imposter syndrome, vulnerability, authenticity, & burnout...


 "what the hell am I doing?" 


Pause for a second-. This is normal!


DREAM UP sessions are for you to organize your thoughts through an inviting approach  by exploring:

  • your niche as an Art Therapist for your practice

  • breaking down your fears to feel ready

  • zoom in on your structure & routine to have a balanced schedule

  • how to get clients without always using social media 

  • branding to increase authenticity

Oh! & here's the fun part- we aren't here to hustle or grind with loads of worksheets to get where you want to be. Instead, we focus on being present through experiential prompts to visualize every stepping stone as a result- which I welcome you to the creative process!



You went to your friend, Google & searched, "what is art therapy" & found bits & pieces, but still feeling confused about where or how to become an Art Therapist. 

ART THERAPY  101 sessions are for you to gain hidden gems on what Art Therapy really is all about, which includes:

  • different career paths to take as an Art Therapist

  • understanding the licensure/certification process

  • creative process vs. creative product

  • developing an authentic meaning of art therapy

  • working on grad school applications

    • interview​

    • essays

    • resumes

    • portfolios

  • a taste of method & materials for one's wellbeing


Do you have a creative mind that likes to wander? This wandering  can look like this:

  • daydreaming

  • don't like to follow rules

  • easily irritated & frustrated

  • a challenge to focus on creative work

  • creative  stress & burnout

  • not enough self-care

  • likes to spend time by yourself

  • feelings of belonging

  • exploring your authenticity as a creative

CREATIVE CASE FILE sessions allow you to explore your creative path by building inner growth. Customized according to your needs, we work collaboratively using a mindful approach through creative prompts to detox from the complex mind!