About Me

Hi There!

Welcome to My Creative Relief :) I'm Sydney, your go-to education for art therapy. I am an art school graduate, minored in both psychology and art history in an effort to wade through how the mind receives and perceives art. I always had a connection to expressing myself through the creative process adding that my curiosity lead me to earn a graduate degree in Professional Studies in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 


As a Registered Art Therapist, I followed an adventurous path — one that found me exploring my authenticity, the meaning of art therapy, and visualizing my own future. Having clinical internships working with a wide population in addiction, outpatient centers, and people living with HIV/AIDS, I struggled to find positions requiring expertise in art therapy due not only to limited availability, but also because there were not enough letters behind my name.


I implemented art therapy techniques into ay of the roles I took on. From being an in-home behavioral therapist, to mentoring those with disabilities, to trying to understand the youngest minds among us by trying preschool teaching, no matter where I went, I considered what I learned as both a gift and a reward.  Working endless hours with little pay, a lack of self-care, and loads of paperwork, however, I felt distracted as well as discouraged. I reached bottom at that point. Imposter Syndrome surfaced and I felt I wasn’t an authentic art therapist because I didn’t go down the traditional path of how I was taught in school and internships. Burnout got real and I quit my job two weeks before the pandemic hit.


It was the best decision ever.


It was then that I realized that my strength was in helping people explore the art-making process therapeutically instead of clinically, and the idea for My Creative Relief began to form. Since then, I have been invited to interview on major podcasts, designed workshops for organizations, and coached clients globally, outlining the various career paths to becoming an Art Therapist. I have helped countless clients how to build an art therapy private practice or creative coaching business, and on a budget! 


My point of pride is having become a creative business owner without a hint of hustle or grind. I saw results faster by learning how to be present through the creative process, trusting my path to unfold. I welcome you to the My Creative Relief community of passionate art therapists and creative founders and hope to lead to you your place of bliss — one only you can define!


"I didn't get here by side hustling or grinding. I saw results faster by learning how to be present through the creative process & trusting my path to unfold."


Completed a 5 1/2 year victory lap of college due to avoiding certain classes... hehe.



Excited to be done with Grad School while internally saying, @%#!, I need a job...



lots of anxiety with lots of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on the side (phish food is my favorite!).



My bedroom/office while gathering ideas to start a business. I still visit often for inspiration :)



My Creative Relief launched to support art therapists & creatives on their journey :)