need a relief?

Our daily routine is one of the most important aspects of our lives, as we create a schedule to feel stable, secure, and motivated to keep growing as an individual. Although our routine provides us with structure, we may not always internally feel balanced or positive on the path we are taking. Instead of asking ourselves what do we need, we tend to keep up with society's standards as our goals and motivations seem so far away to reach. This becomes complex due to our constant unsuccessful thinking  (there should be a reward who has the most thoughts in their head) that makes us feel confused, fatigued, moody, anxious- the definition of stress!

The term stress defines as the physical, mental, or emotional element that causes bodily or mental tension. Stress can affect us from any event that we are going through, including small actions that we may think wouldn't affect us. Stress is a communication component that provides us an awareness to own our unsettling feelings, but instead, we ignore them. 


My Creative Relief offers a mindfulness approach  for creatives to turn their vintage thoughts into mod ideas by being present through the creative process. 

What is the difference between the creative product & the creative process?


The product focuses on the end result. Think of the product as the destination- the final piece you are putting out into the world. We focus on techniques, skill level, & the craftsmanship of your creative work.


  • increase perfectionism 

  • only focuses on the technical skills that can reduce inspiration

  • imposter syndrome arises


The process focuses on the journey to get to your goal. We zoom in on your path to understand how to accept change, learn to pivot, & trust that every stepping stone is a result.



  • learn how to become patient through the process

  • learn how to accept your current path to build connection

  • break down your fears to work with the inner critic & trust your path