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At times, it can be challenging to connect with others due to our abstract thinking, curiosity, & daydreaming into another portal of imagination. If this resonates with you, welcome to the Creative Minds Club!

We will meet for 6 sessions bi-weekly on Wednesdays in the Creative Lounge (in-person) to have meaningful conversations about the creative process, explore different creative materials to challenge your mindset, & unmask your authenticity with other creatives!

Friendly Guidelines:

  • this group is for mid 20s to mid 30s

  • Registration is required

  • Payment will be made in-Person (Venmo, Cash, Credit Cards)

  • This is an open-minded & judgement-free zone!

  • All materials are provided- just bring your authentic self!


In-Person Only

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Dates: 1/10/24, 1/24/24, 2/7/24, 2/21/24, 3/6/24, 3/20/24 

LOCATION: 44 Old Highway 22, Clinton, NJ, Suite 7

Limited Space Available

Website is going through some changes... stay tuned!
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