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1:1 Mindful Art Program

You want to learn about yourself, but you aren't sure where to go next in your life. You feel indecisive on your path, wondering where to go next, asking yourself, "Should I do this? Should I not? Is this right for me? Or isn't it?" You may have heard of a glimpse of mindfulness, but you are still a little skeptical of what it means. You want to work on yourself, but there is a push and pull if you need to. This program will guide you to use a foundation of mindfulness techniques using therapeutic art activities to understand your routine, become aware of your life stressors, self discover your inner growth, and learn how to regulate your emotions by creating a path that you want! 


In your program, you will be guided with:

  • Learning and understanding about the meaning of mindfulness

  • Developing a safe space to start your creative process

  • Finding your inner balance to feel centered and grounded

  • Develop mindfulness techniques by self regulating your emotions to approach your goals 

Benefits of Mindfulness:

  • Relieve stress

  • Increases focus

  • Boost the immune system

  • Be in the present moment

  • Develop a creative flow

  • Increases self care time

  • Develop inner growth

  • Seek a new way of thinking in life

Sessions include:

  • Four biweekly or 8 weekly 60 minute video call sessions

  • Creative prompts to explore specific topics using mindfulness techniques

  • Receive mindfulness worksheets to guide you through the process

  • Receive email check-ins between sessions to provide guidance on your path


4 Biweekly Sessions: $360

(payment plan available)

8 Weekly Sessions: $680

(payment plan available)

Ready to start your path?


I would love to learn more about you! Please fill out the form below for you to receive a free 20 minute video discovery chat. 

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Have you ever used any mindfulness techniques currently or in the past?

If you chose other, please explain what techniques you have used. 

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