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hi, I'm Sydney!

Art Therapist (MPS, ATR), ADHD Mentor, & Creative Coach

  • has a learning disability & a sibling with ADHD

  • ask me about my junk journaling habit!

  • true crime fan... 

  • influenced by abstract & eclectic films, musicians, & creative spaces 

Welcome to My Creative Relief



Did you know that people with ADHD & learning disorders cannot only be highly creative but also possess higher-than-average intelligence? Problem is, they don't always feel adequately understood to benefit from traditional therapy because their minds are always one step ahead of everyone else's.

If you are one of these individuals, we are here for you. My Creative Relief is a space to work with your complex mind that supports visual thinking & creativity, helping you build the skills that work for you. Just because you've got the pedal to the metal doesn't mean we can't help you slow down & smell the roses!

What does your complex mind look like?

Untitled_Artwork 2.png
Untitled_Artwork 5.png


Common ADHD/LD buzzing thoughts:

  • thinking differently

  • feeling disorganized

  • lack of motivation

  • procrastination

  • feeling lazy or bored

  • not feeling smart enough

  • daydreamer

  • brain fog

  • difficulty focusing & following through


real people describing what ADHD & LD really feels like:

Brown Paper

"ADHD is having a ferrari engine for a brain with bicycle brakes."

We help you stay on the right track by organizing your thoughts step by step in the present moment.


Because we all learn differently, we take on a visual & creative approach to increase authenticity & decision-making.

Untitled_Artwork 10.png

next stop! 

Testimonials :

"Relatable, insightful, mindful! Sydney recommended tools relevant to my situation. She helped me become more organized and productive!"
                                                                                                            - M.P.
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