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This workshop is for visionaries learning how to create a vision board by acknowledging your negative mindset into positive expectations & exploring with your goals to develop a balanced lifestyle on the path you want to take!


~Workbook & Bonus Worksheet Included~

visualize the path you want


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Looking for a workshop that fits your community? Let's make it happen!

  • ADHD 101

  • burnout

  • team-building

  • art therapy 101

  • creative spaces for your wellbeing

according to your needs


Coming Soon!

how to become an art therapist

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Open for hosting workshops to your agency/studio/corporation  

"I appreciated looking at fear in a different way. It is even a different way than even presented in many self-help books, articles, etc. that I have read. It felt very freeing to create a personal vision board in the moment (even though I had created one at the very beginning of the year) because I really decided to lean in and tap into what had come up for me from your guidance." 

                        - Dana Wing Lau

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