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Stationary Store Visit: Papirvm

baixada de la llibreteria, 2- 08002 BARCELONA

I recently came back from a trip to Barcelona & a visit to a local stationary store. As an Art Therapist & Creative Coach, I love finding new products for my clients as well as adding them to my creative space! When I entered Papirvm, it was a teeny, tiny shop filled with leather notebooks, writing materials, gift paper, inks, & more. The display takes you back in time that inspires you to use your imagination. Here is a sneak peek into the shop & gems that I brought back home with me!


*These links are not affiliated with advertisements. I love to share my creative process and support others to guide you on your creative journey!*

Handmade Plain Paper Journal

Made by: Papirvm (website under construction)

Made in: Barcelona, Spain


Letter Stationary Cards

4 x envelopes with plain postcard

Made in: Italy

Traveler's Notebook Mini Folder

Made in: Japan

Astrology Interactive Stationary Card

Made in: Madrid, Spain

Pen & Ink Holder

Made in: France

Handmade Pen & Ink Calligraphy

Made by: Bortoletti

Made in: Venezia, Italy


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