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My Top 5 Unique Art Supplies For Creativity

As a creative, I love to use new art materials to explore further with my creative process. Here are 5 of my favorite art materials that I have been using to expand my creativity, reduce stress, and build inner connection as a creative.


Reminder: You do not have to be 'good' at art-making. There is no such thing as bad art! We are using materials to express ourselves to understand our path and support our wellbeing :)

*These links are not affiliated with advertisements. I love to share my creative process and support others to guide you on your creative journey!*

I love using the Koi Water Colors Set for a few reasons:

  • it comes in a travel set, so you can bring it on the go

  • you fill-up the paintbrush tube with water; therefore, it's easy cleaning

  • the paint is rich with pigments- a little goes a long way

Watercolors help me be in the present moment. As I mix the water with paint, the process grabs my attention how the color intertwines with the water on my paper. When I am having a creative block or feeling frustrated, the way the paint drops on the surface reminds me to let go of my thoughts.

My sister introduced these lovely Zebra MildLiner Pens to me, and let me tell you...amazing! They have double-ended points that feature a bullet and chisel tip.

These are great for anyone who needs organization in your routine, highlight the good parts of your book, or bullet journaling.

If you are looking for a unique planner and bullet journal inspiration, check out my sister's Etsy page, The Little Heart Studio!

Fabric is my go-to when I am feeling the most creative. I love exploring sensory textiles, as it enhances my mindful practice to be present. Research shows that using our 5 senses helps expand the mind to increase creativity, memory and provide self-reflection.

I like to get my fabric from a fabric and handcraft supplier, Chuanshui. It is named after the founder's hometown village and is inspired by her childhood!

4. Magazines

Ever since I was young, my first time exploring with new art materials was collage making. I have many great childhood memories creating collages with my sister, which inspired me to continue this tradition. Through the creative process, cutting/tearing up pieces of magazines expresses my emotions to problem solve and see new perspectives in learning how to approach my goals.

I like to use a variety of different magazines (nature to high fashion), especially:

So... these oil pastels are pretty awesome. I love the Rustic oil pastel set, which offers a fabulous palette of neutral and bold colors. After you draw, get a brush, dip it into water, and hellOooOo you have a watercolor set!

Oil Pastels are a great material when you need to feel grounded. Whenever I feel stressed, I take these out and focus on how the art material glides to release my stressful energy, but I still have control to guide myself to feel balanced.


Creative prompt: Pick an art material that you enjoy using and create an image of why you feel connected to that specific art material. Go ahead and tag me on Instagram @mycreativerelief to share your creative experience!


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