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3 Techniques to Enhance Creativity For Your Well-being


As creatives, we have this adrenaline rush filled with ideas that provide feelings of adventure, freedom, &_______________ (fill in your own words what creativity feels like to you!)

But (sorry, there is always a but- I promise this is an uplifting post),

creativity can also make us feel stuck on our path, not knowing where to start next, especially when we have all these amazing projects we would like to explore, or ______________ (fill in more words of the challenges being a creative)

And these challenges can lead us to (this is a generalized list- but all of these humorous & realistic situations are prime examples of my personal experience):

  • run away from your desk & jump into bed to put on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc. to be entertained by other people's lives than your own

  • eat a whole Ben & Jerry's ice cream (phish food) in one sitting at midnight while watching True Crime, The Office, or Friends on repeat

  • toss & turn in bed when it's 2 AM because your creative ideas are exploding & you don't want to forget them but too tired to write them down

  • sit in one area just... thinking & thinking & thinking & thinking


Being a creative isn't easy; however, it does become easier to manage & develop a deeper connection with a taste of 3 techniques to enhance our creativity through my 1:1 creative sessions:

1. Develop a Routine & Structure

When working with my clients, I am not necessarily looking for how much work they are doing because they are always doing or thinking about work (thinking is equally critical to physical work). Instead, I am focusing on if we are giving ourselves enough time for rest in our routine. Rest are pauses in our day to recharge our creativity when we have a creative block, having anxious thoughts, feeling stuck on a problem, or needing to remove ourselves from our workspace.

The importance of rest is bringing intentional activities to our daily routine, such as hobbies, processing our creativity, exercise, etc., to release our stress to help us manage our situations differently. Although we all deserve a vacation, rest doesn't have to be about going to another place; it's more about a feeling to benefit our wellbeing. If we want to be consistent with our work routine, let's try to be equally compatible with rest to have more of a balance & structure for our lifestyle!

2. Building an Inner Connection

I know doing internal work can feel vulnerable; however, the more inner work you explore, the more you will understand your authentic self & the path you are searching for. As an individual, we have internal selves that are present with us without us consciously being aware such as, the people pleaser, the vulnerable child, the inner child, & the most daunting one... the inner critic.

We learn to embrace our present selves through creative prompts to develop a dialogue that creates a balance on our path, clearer decision making, & building self-compassion (even if you may not believe it yet). This technique is part of mindfulness by:

  • Acknowledging our thoughts & actions non-judgementally

  • Accepting our present selves to develop a deeper connection

  • Owning our fears to break barriers on our path

  • Learning how to respond to manage stress overreaction

3. Expand your Creative Space

Most of us have a workspace, but do you have a creative space to help with your visualization process?

Let's transition those blank walls into imagery about your path!

As we explore in sessions, your imagery will be about positive moments that you want to store in your mind. Our mind loves to wander on different paths. The minute we accomplish something positive, our mind will say, "great job! But, we don't need to store this accomplishment because we have all of these ideas we still have to tackle."

Having a creative space is helping reset our minds to hold onto the meaningful moments that are happening in our life. This space is where we learn to feel safe, heal, & manage our stress. Imagery doesn't have to be representational drawings. It can be quotes, colors, shapes, or even found objects to remind ourselves how far we are becoming on our journey.


If you are ready to start your new journey, feel free to e-mail me to set up a free 20 minute zoom discovery chat!

If you are not sure if this is something you need yet, check out my Recharge Creativity Workshop at an affordable price for you to develop a taste of what you will explore in my 1:1 creative sessions.


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