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what's in my session?

Want to become an Art Therapist? Learn hidden gems from a Registered Art Therapist:


Here's the low down:

  • the foundation of art therapy

    • picking grad school that fits your style
    • exploring grad applications​​
      • interviews​
      • resumes
      • portfolios
      • essays
    • licensure/certification art therapy process
  • What's next?
    • different career paths as an Art Therapist​
    • exploring the creative process vs. creative product
    • a taste of working with a variety of materials that supports one's well-being
    • processing your own art for self-care



your creative mind awaits...


  • 30-minute virtual session: $50

  • 40-minute virtual Session: $60

  • 50-minute  virtual Session: $70

Note: If you are looking for a supervisor or continued education to count hours toward a certification/licensure, unfortunately, this will not count for supervision. Art Therapy 101 is about your own journey as professional development!


Please hold while I connect you with an Art Therapy 101 operator :)

Thanks for your message! I will be back in a jiffy to get your Art Therapy 101 Session going!

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