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Land on Your Creative Space

A self paced Beta online course to help increase your productivity.


Get  your  Spacesuits  Ready ...

Do you ever head over to your workspace, sit down in your chair, put on some music to get prepared for motivation & then all of sudden... you have a staring contest with your computer. The end of the day hits, & all you feel is, I didn't get anything done.


Land on Your Creative Space is a self-paced online course to increase your productivity. Each week, you will learn how to transition your workspace into a creative space through mindset shifts that provide clarity, decision making, & motivation to take the next step on your creative path.

To make things more fun, this is outer space-themed, so there will be puns along the way to make this work feel more inviting... see you in space! 


This  is  for  you  if :

*This isn't for you if you are looking for how to market, strategize, brand, or become an interior designer*

what's included:

​START DATE:  JUNE 13, 2022

  • 5 weekly recorded evidence-based research videos of specific themes

  • Life-Time access to the course

  • worksheets to work on while watching the videos

  • 1:1 45-minute virtual session to ask questions & provide feedback 

what you will be exploring:

T-MINUS 5: Prepare for Liftoff

This week, we will be getting  everything ready on what we need to launch

  • The importance of setting a morning routine

  • Getting to know your fuel assessment to develop your strengths

  • Increasing your inspiration by collecting your interests & hobbies


T-MINUS 4: Houston, We Had a Problem 

Are we there yet? Sit back & begin to relax. This week, you will be learning everything you need to know how to become aware of asteroids & focus on the process of your journey

  • break down fears such as:

    • imposter syndrome​

    • rejection

    • criticism

  • Requiring patience

    • daydreaming​

    • beginner's mindset


T-MINUS 3: The Eagle Has Landed

 You have officially landed & it's time to get your creative space ready! 

  • structure your space through a specific technique that will boost your confidence & bring out your personality as a creative


T-MINUS 2: Some Words From Mission Control

 Mission Control is here to help you zoom in on when stress can lead to burnout & how to add rest into your routine. 

  • learn the 4 types of creativity to increase your decision making 

  • Focus on the importance of rest to balance burnout & recharge ideas

  • learn how to expand by transitioning to new spaces to increase productivity 


T-MINUS 1: Zero Gravity

There are no rules when you are floating in your space. It's time to take control of what you need to start visualizing the path ahead!

  • learn how to bring your inner child into the present moment & develop creative play

  • celebrate your wins by documenting your process



  • limit of only 10 people to join

  • Only $50(after the Beta program, prices will increase & the program may change)

  • exclusive access to a 1:1 virtual session ($150 value) 

Count down begins...

Website is going through some changes... stay tuned!
Land on your Creative Space Beta Online Course
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