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Eclectic Creatives Group


Grab your cup of tea/coffee & bring your creative minds

WHEN: Last Wednesday of Every Month I WHERE: Virtual I TIME: 7:00 PM to 8 PM EST

This is a free monthly group 

When I dived into my non-traditional path as a Creative, it was exciting to take on this new adventure. But, of course, my mind was able to hold that for a short period of time until I started to feel anxious, worried, & all the fearful thoughts to stop me from taking the next step on my journey.


My mind was always filled with creative ideas (it still is!) & dreams, but I didn't know how to integrate all of them into one place because it just didn't feel cohesive...I am an Art Therapist, Creative Coach, Speaker, & outdoorsy individual who loves to process art, make interior spaces, become inspired by tv shows & movies, & last but not least, getting really excited when it's time to make tea or coffee (I'm running out of breath with that sentence)! These titles & interests all sound good, but what I was missing was connecting with others to learn from & become inspired.         


With my anxious & dreamy mind, the most important aspect that helped me along the way was having space for support to contain me, feel grounded, and release my subconscious fears through the creative process realizing I wasn't alone.


On that note, I give you the Eclectic Creatives Group that provides an open-minded space to build our authenticity as a Creative. Leave your titles behind & bring just yourself to connect & learn from each other (including me!)


 This group is for Creatives:

  • artists

  • art therapists

  • entrepreneurs

  • coaches/mentors

  • actors/actresses

  • writers/producers

  • the list goes on!

This group is for you if you are experiencing:

  • Creative burnout

  • Creative career change

  • Stuck on creative projects

  • personal growth

  • unbalance with creative career & creative personal life 

  • Creative stress  

In group sessions, we will explore specific topics such as:

  • connecting & collaborating with new creatives to bounce off inspirational ideas

  • explore themes through creative prompts to benefit your path

  •  process art (no art experience is required) to understand self-care & what we need for ourselves

  • explore fears & challenges on our creative path  


  • bring your own materials that you feel connected to

  • Bring your authentic self :)

  • Bring your tea/coffee

  • Be in a calming, creative space

  • Bring headphones to listen to music

  • Bring your creative mind!

*This is not a subscription. Whenever you can make it, pop on in!*


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