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what's in my session?

Need a relief from your complex mind? Our mind is like a map that can feel overwhelming to understand. WIth Creative Case File sessions, we will be working together to organize your thought process & have more clarity on your path!


Here's the low down:

  • Learn about the history of stress

    • understand the foundation of stress​​

    • identify life stressors to bring awareness

    • explore acceptance through creative prompts by meeting creative selves

    • grow authenticity by exploring your style as a creative

  • Self-care
    • learn grounding techniques to reduce stress
    • explore the inner child by utilizing creative materials to be in the present moment
    • develop a morning & night routine to build active & inactive rest 



detangle your complex mind...


  • 50-minute virtual session: $130 per session



Note: Sessions are virtually in the creative lounge, which encourages music, drinks, & pastries on the side :)

Let's get your creative file ready!

I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for your message! I will be back in a jiffy to get your creative case file going!

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