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 Individual Creative Sessions 

In your session, you will be guided with:

  • How to be present in the creative process by focusing on stepping stones as results

  • Meeting your inner selves to expand your creative growth

  • Zoom in on structure & routine to improve quality of life

  • Building a creative space to increase your visualization process

Life-stressors include:

  • creative burnout

  • lack of motivation

  • anxious thoughts

  • self-care

  • life change / Transition in life

  • Work-life balance / Career change

  • creative self-esteem / Identity

  • Creative block 

Sessions include:

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

60-Minute Session

  • unlimited customized sessions according to your needs

  • unlimited Voxer check-ins between your sessions 

  • receive reminders to approach the progress of your journey

$150 per session

Ready to start your magical path?


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